BLT’s are something I’ve enjoyed since I was younger.  Although back then my sandwich was basically just a B because I only used bacon and bread. Oh, and Mayo of course. My favorite part was the bacon sticking out of the top of the super fresh white bread and the mayo oozing out of the sides.But now I enjoy plenty of the extras that really make a BLT and skip the processed white bread and miracle whip.



Now my husband and I make lettuce wrapped BLT’s or BLT “Boats” quite often. Especially when it starts to get warm and we don’t want to fire up the oven. It’s so simple to fry up some bacon right on the stove top and the rest is just assembly. Make sure that you are using a quality bacon if possible. I look for bacon that is minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no added nitrates or nitrites and no added sugar or sweeteners such as this one. 

Obviously the main objective to a BLT is to have the bacon, lettuce and tomato. But I now have 3 variations that I make depending on the mood that I am in. The first is the Classic BLT but with the addition of some homemade mayo. I start with a Romain heart as they are more boat like and keep the toppings from falling out. Then layer in a few strips of bacon and some tomato slices. I usually don’t take the time to drizzle mayo elegantly across the top so it’s either on the side for dipping or you can spread a layer on the top of the lettuce before stacking in the other toppings.



The next is a BLAT or BLT + Avocado. I think bacon and avocado are dreamy together. You have the crisp, salty, crunchy texture of the bacon mixed with the smooth and creamy texture of the avocado. So delicious! I like to put a little pink Himalayan salt and organic ground pepper on this one.



And lastly, I like to make a Chef Salad inspired Boat. I like this one for when I want more of a protein punch. I like to layer a slice of roasted nitrate and preservative free turkey breast on the bottom, add my bacon and tomato and then slice up a hard boiled egg to add as well. Add little bit of organic ground pepper to top it off.  Yum!




So there ya go, 3 simple and easy ways to make a whole30, paleo, or low carb BLT. Do you have another combination that you like? Let me know in the comments!




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