Water is such a vital part of all living things, including us. In fact, the human body IS about 60% water. Your brain and heart are said to be about 73% water and the lungs 83%. How cool is that? Every major system in your body relies on water to function in some way or another. So how can you sneak more water into your day?

If your not quite ready to give up all your favorite beverages and start carrying around gallons of water like all the Instagram fitness buffs, then start with these 5 easy tips below.



Sounds simple enough, right? But if you’re like most people, you drink when your thirsty or when your having a meal and that’s that. But did you know that your body is already in the beginning stage of dehydration by time your body signals thirst? And sometimes when you feel like your hungry, your body is actually trying to tell you that need water not food?

But how can you make sure you are drinking enough water if you don’t know how much you should be drinking to begin with? Knowledge is power after all.

The recommended daily intake is half of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh around 150 lbs you should be consuming 75 ounces of water a day. That may seem like a lot but that’s only 4.5 standard bottles of water a day (for this example). If you are more active you should probably increase that amount and if you are more sedentary you can lower that amount a tad. Do your own calculation to determine how much water is recommended for you to stay properly hydrated. So now that you now how much to drink, how do you get it all in?



But first, coffee water.  You wake up naturally dehydrated. Could you imagine going 6-8 hours during the day without a sip to drink? Well, that’s what you do while your sleeping. And while you were fast asleep dreaming of John Stamos or cuddly puppies or maybe John Stamos cuddling puppies (whatever floats your boat), your body was still working hard to repair muscles, rebuild cells, digest food, regulate hormones and lets not forget breathing. All processes which require the use of water. So not only did you go a substantial duration without any intake of fluids, you spent the night depleting what you already had in your system. So wake and hydrate baby! And sorry, coffee doesn’t count. (gasp!) I know, I know, how are you supposed to function without your morning dose of caffeinated Nectar of the Gods?  Don’t worry, you can still have your go go juice after you drink at least one glass of water. Preferably more. I actually start my day with about 21 oz of water before I have my coffee. I fill up my favorite water vessel the night before and have it waiting for me in the morning. And there is a slight chance you may not want/need that cup of joe (or at least the second one) after starting with water. Drinking water first thing in the morning is going to give you natural energy, make you feel more alert, help flush toxins and kick start your metabolism. If you only take on tip from this post, let it be this one!



I know water can be a bit bland, especially when your taste buds are used to highly sweetened and carbonated beverages. So mix things up a bit and try making infused waters like my lemon ginger water or some of my other flavored waters. Get creative with all kinds of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs to keep from getting bored. Just be careful when buying flavored and sparkling waters from the store as they usually still have artificial flavors like aspartame and preservatives. A few brands I recommend are Hint Water and LaCroux.





This may seem a little silly, but I swear that having a fancy water bottle makes me drink more water! I don’t know what it is, but when I have a stylish water bottle I get excited to use it. Make an investment in a nice container. Not that any reusable bottle from a dollar store wouldn’t hold water all the same, but by making the investment in a quality bottle you are more likely to use it and have something that will last you long term. I can’t tell you how many plastic bottles I have broken and wasted money on in my day.  I suggest a stainless steel, temperature controlled container. My current favorite is the 21oz bottle from Healthy Human. I carry it with me everywhere. In the car, hiking, walking down the street striking mandatory blogger poses for photos as demonstrated above, soccer games, the dinner table…literally everywhere. I also love that this particular one doesn’t sweat or leak so I can through it in my bag or purse without worry. A reusable water bottle is also more Eco friendly and cuts back on the recycling so everybody wins.



(Did you just sing some Michael Jackson while reading that?? If not, I hope you are now lol) Anyways, by having a designated water bottle like I mentioned above that you know the ounces of, you can easily keep track of your water intake by how many times you refill it. But sometimes, we just get sidetracked and need a little reminder. I can very easily get engrossed in a task and  suddenly realize hours have gone by that I haven’t had anything to drink. There are tons of apps you can download and customize to send reminders to your phone to drink up during the day. I like the app Plant Nanny where you add your water intake to the app to water your personal plant and watch it grow. It’s kind of like having a Giga Pet (remember those?) but for older, responsibly hydrated plant ladies which I apparently am now. (yes, I’m okay with that)

You can also try recruiting a hydrate buddy and get a friend or coworker to help with accountability. Chances are they could use help drinking more water too. And It might be a good excuse to meet at the water cooler to gossip about the latest he said, she said or maybe share the details about your most recent John Stamos puppy fantasy (but you may want to keep that all to yourself).


Did you find any of these helpful or have any tips of your own? Share down below!



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