When I stopped drinking soda about 3 years ago my water intake literally quadrupled. I decided to stop drinking soda (or pop as most people say around here) and energy drinks cold turkey and replaced them with water.  I know a lot of people struggle hard with this but for me it was one of those things that once I decided, that was it. And honestly, I don’t even miss it.  Not all decisions or dedications in my life have been that simple but I am glad this one was!


But even though I am now happily hydrated with all the water, my taste buds get a little bored. Water is pretty bland and I think that’s one of the reasons so many people struggle to drink it consistently or opt for an artificially flavored alternative. So I recently started playing around and infusing my water with various fruits, veggies and herbs to give it some natural, mild flavor. The possibilities are pretty endless. My method so far has basically just been picking things that I think would look pretty mixed together in a glass and hope it tastes good lol I’m all about the presentation points. Isn’t it also scientific fact that you are more likely to eat and drink healthier foods if you find them attractive? Probably not but I find this theory to be true.



The blend that I usually always have in my fridge for daily consumption is my Lemon Ginger Water. It’s the one my husband likes the best and I always have lemons and ginger on hand. But I start to get a little more crafty and crave more seasonal flavors especially in the warmer months so I thought I would share my new 3 favorite blends with you.


As with all freshly flavored waters, the longer they sit, the more intense the flavors will be. I like to let mine infuse at least 2 hours before serving.  Also, be sure to thoroughly clean the ingredients you will be putting into the water. Especially the skins on your fruits and vegetables. I have a half gallon size pitcher, so you may need to adjust amounts used to fit the amount of water your will be using and your personal taste preference. Okay, onto the flavors…



First we have Orange Mint. This is probably my current favorite. It is SO refreshing. I never used to care much for fresh mint but it’s amazing how your pallet adjusts the more you stay clear of artificially flavored food and drinks.  This one will leave your thirst quenched and your breath minty fresh. (Bonus!) I add one orange, cut into slices to my pitcher followed by about 5-6 sprigs of fresh mint. Again, you can adjust accordingly to fit your preference. Fill the pitcher with water and let refrigerate 2 hours before drinking.  (If your mint leaves start to turn brown or black, just remove them from the pitcher and discard. The water is still drinkable)



Next, there is Cucumber Apple. This one is a bit more subtle if flavor but just as refreshing. I used green apple because that’s what I had on hand but you could use any apple or even a variety of apples.  I use 1 small or half a regular size cucumber cut into thin slices. I like to remove the seeds from the inner ring of the cucumber before placing in the pitcher so I don’t have seeds floating around. Chop 1 small apple of choice and add to the pitcher before filling with water. Refrigerate for 2 hours and enjoy.



Lastly, there is Watermelon Basil. This and the Orange Mint are in very close competition for me. The smell of fresh basil alone makes my senses happy and just the subtle hint of it paired with the sweetness of the fresh watermelon is a great match.  This one is perfect for that first summer get together because nothing screams summer more than watermelon. And how pretty does it look in a mason jar glass? I use about 1 -1.5 cup cubed seedless watermelon and about 4-5 large springs of fresh basil for my one quart pitcher. Refrigerate for about 2 hours. (If your basil leaves start to turn brown or black, just remove them from the pitcher and discard. The water is still drinkable)


I serve myself straight from the pitcher when I am at home, but when serving guests I will garnish individual glasses with extra ingredients for added appeal. (again, presentation points!) Let me know what you think of these flavor combinations down below!



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