noun: rocker; plural noun: rockers
1 .a person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music, especially of a particular type.
“a punk rocker”


Now to clarify the “rocker” part of real food rocker. I am not a musician, just a hardcore fan of ALL things music. If I could get back all the time I ever spent downloading music and burning discs (sorry Lars Ulrich), I could probably relive my youth. I have been consumed by music my entire life. I’m one of those people who will interrupt your sentence because you said something that made me think of a line in a song and I have to finish it. Ya know,  Out loud, as is if you care. I promise I am listening but that’s just how my brain works. It’s completely rude and so not appreciated, but I don’t care. #cantstopwontstop

My mom always had music playing and used to quiz us on the names of artists on the radio. Every trip to the grocery store became a competition. My father is a musician so I spent weekends at band rehearsals, recording studios or live shows. I was even known to skip school to attend them. Shocked, I’m sure.  I however, only sing when I’m in the car pretending I am on carpool karaoke or to annoy my son. I also stopped playing guitar when I was in high school. This terrible thing called “a job” took over my life and I eventually stopped prioritizing it. Someday I hope to pick it back up but until then, I will continue to enjoy and support the ones who never gave in to adulting and made killer records instead.

There isn’t a box big enough to to contain my musical interest. It’s all over the spectrum. I think discrimination is wrong and that applies to music genres as well. I do have my preferences and tend to lean towards anything rock especially with some gritty blues undertones. But ultimately, music is a feeling and I just roll with it. My love ranges from Otis Redding and Elton John to Metallica, The Black Keys and everything in between.

My monthly playlists will be posted here and will have whatever songs I’ve been gravitating towards recently. It might be new or old. It might make sense, but probably won’t. Either way, I hope you’ll listen, enjoy and make a connection.

P.S. I now pay for all my music downloads and/or streaming services, so please don’t call The Police.  Actually, I would talk to Sting so go ahead 😉  haha. yea, i know .. #corndog

rock on,